Data Center Services and Solutions

Data Center

D & P offers comprehensive and smart expansion options for your IT requirements without large capital expenses.

We understand how difficult and critical the data centre design for your business and how important it is to get it right. That's why ,Our specialist provide you with highly secure and built on redundant network facilities to the data center.

You can expect technical excellence with the highest levels of efficiency throughout lifetime. D & P provides flexibility and efficiency which exceeds the needs of your business.

In the World of Cloud,computing and crowd of technologies , the data center becomes the DNA of the business.

A data center is a facility composed of networked computers and storage that are used by organizations to process and store large amount of crucial data.

A data center can be a building or a dedicated space within a building or simply centralized location which is used for the purpose of collecting, storing, processing, or allowing access to large amounts of data through networked equipment.

Data center becomes the asset for everyday operations go smoothly as the business totally relies on the applications, services and the data contained within the data center.


D & P provides the best Cooling solutions for IT equipment. D & P provides a flexible ,reliable and highly efficient range of cooling solutions streamline the performance of your equipment. D & P provides one of the most efficient ranges of IT cooling products, from the smallest server room to the largest data hall. We also deliver rack cooling solutions to all IT Solutions , whether its low, medium or high density cooling. The Rack Cooling method extract the heat which is generated inside the rack so it doesnt allow to go into the server room. Thu, now a days rack cooling has become one of the most efficient cooling solutions in the IT field.


In today's techincal world, its no sufficient for a business to have normal or basic power and protection. With day to day emerging new trends and constantly transforming the way we do the business thus the business continuity becomes crucial part. D & P is expertise in providing premium quality UPS solution to secure your crucial data and network by providing reliable power. D & P provide most efficient solution to all, whether its small, medium or large sized business which need UPS solutions and we deliver that at lower costs and ongoing operational savings with high reliability.

Cooling Solutions

As globally increasing the demand for data exchange,so as increases the size and space for data centers. Thus,data center needs to efficiently managed,Cooling does the same. Cooling is one of the most important for your data center operations and also one of the most costly and difficult to manage task. D & P provides the best Cooling solutions for IT equipment. D & P provides a flexible ,reliable and highly efficient range of cooling solutions streamline the performance of your equipment.


Energy storage technologies in data centers play an vital role in maintaining system uptime. At a critical time the data center has to be taken care of through the emergency power system i.e UPS . At the time of power failure,the first the first line of defense is usually batteries that are incorporated as part of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. Servers must always be online and should not shut off in case of such failures. A reliable and efficient battery system is necessary to ensure this. D & P provides you with the best quality and reliable batteries to handle such critical conditions. D & P ensures that the batteries for UPS systems have a very high energy density and maximum battery service life. We provide with a long service life to your battery system used for your datacenter.

Harmonic distortion

Distortion is the modification of the original shape (or other characteristic) of something. In terms of electronics distortion means the alteration of waveform of an information-bearing signal, such as an audio signal representing sound or a video signal representing images, in an electronic device or communication channel. Thus, Harmonic distortion means alteration of sound wave's frequencies. Audio systems are most often measured in terms of the harmonics (overtones) added to a pure sinewave fed to the system. The level at which harmonic distortion becomes audible depends on the exact nature of the distortion.